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How to Eat within a Budget in Copenhagen


Copenhagen budget eating is not impossible if you take a path less traveled by tourists.  Most likely, you have heard that Denmark is expensive. This is true, but there are many ways you can save money and still enjoy a good meal in Copenhagen or anywhere else in Denmark.


There are many good hotels in Denmark, and it would be unfair if one is prevented from sampling their cuisine. Unfortunately, most of these billigehotellerkøbenhavn are expensive as

you will be paying more for the location and ambiance than you are paying for the meal.


As a start, you can look at the breakfast. In the morning, you can have some Wienerbr?d or the Danish pastries. The Wienerbr?d is served in many tastes and varieties and differs by large from the Danish pastries that you will find at home. Bakeries in Denmark use a different type of flour which makes the Wienerbr?d taste flakier and lighter than that you will find in US or Britain. One of the most common choices by many is the Spandauer; it has a round flaky pastry with the center added either raspberry jam or custard cream. Another delicacy you can try is the rectangular-shaped Tebirke. This is an almond-flavored flaky pastry added poppy seeds.To get more ideas about hotels and Copenhagen, go to  http://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/clean-the-world-asia-hotel-soaps-recycle/index.html.


Most of the hotels serve breakfast buffet that is inclusive of eggs, real Danish bacon and a lot of bread and pastries served together with fruits. This offers one with an excellent way to sample the many types of pastries for an exclusive price. If you decide to buy pastries, do so in areas that are far from the main tourist areas. You can find a good deal in the Vesterbrogade or Norrebrogade.  Most grocery stores stock pastries among other freshly baked goods available for sale.  Also, most gas stations sell baked goods and food for a good price.


To get the best billigt hotel københavn in Copenhagen or anywhere in Denmark at a budget requires that you do some research and plan. There are pretty of cheap places that you can find but only if you have to avoid the main tourist attraction areas as the prices here are hiked up. Do not let your dream of taking a tour of this magnificent city of Denmark become a nightmare just because you can't find a cheap eatery. Plan your budget and make a selection of the places you would wish to visit and have your meals ahead of your travel.